Paintball, Low Impact Paintball Birthday Parties Cambridge

Celebrate your birthday in style by letting Go Ballistic give you an adrenaline packed birthday party to remember. With venues across The UK and Ireland and a range of packages to suit all budgets there's no better place to book the ultimate party.

Hidden deep inside the spectacular Cambridge woodlands lays the perfect paintballing experience just begging to be discovered by wannabe war heroes and adrenaline seeker everywhere. With specially designed game modes expertly produced to provide the perfect warlike experience, our Cambridge venue is the ultimate birthday party location!

Before being lobbed into the thrilling paintballing experience, the birthday paintballing party will be provided with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors and will be fitted out in all the latest safety gear. Marshals will be with them throughout the process making sure everyone is following the rules and regulations.After this they’ll take to our 6 varying game modes, all replicating the worlds favourite shooting games. The children will be submerged in a false reality, bringing them all the high-octane intense action that there shooting games offer! Call of Duty’s most popular game modes like ‘Search and Destroy’, which is copied in our ‘Trench’ birthday game mode, and ‘Capture the Flag’, which is replicated in our ‘Jungle’ game zone, can all be found in our epic Cambridge woodlands. Other game modes include ‘Tyre Fort’, ‘Village’, ‘Headquarters’ and ‘Toxic’.

Beautifully placed just an approximate 30 minute drive from the vibrant city centre, you’ll have plenty of things to see and a host of places to eat after the children have enjoyed the most exhilarating birthday party ever whilst paintballing in Cambridge!