Paintball, Low Impact Paintball Stag Parties Cambridge

What better way to usher your best mate into married life than by taking them down to the woods and mercilessly bombarding them with paintballs. We guarantee we'll give the lucky Stag a messy day he'll never forget.

Our Cambridge venue is home to the classic adrenaline-thrilled stag event of paintballing. The ultimate ice-breaker activity for those in the stag party that don’t know each other, paintballing is the perfect way for you to release your inner child and play out your favourite war games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield as you go head to head or work together as a team in our tailor-made stag friendly war zone!

You and the lads will be fitted out in all the latest safety gear and provided with a full safety briefing before you’re released into the depths of the Cambridge countryside, fighting through mud-filled trenches at one of the UK’s most premier paintballing sites, providing the groom to be with the ultimate stag party! With over 6 different stag game modes to choose from, your stag group will be thoroughly entertained. Tailor-made stag zones such as the ever popular ‘Toxic’, will see a group of you defending the stags life, whilst a bunch of you will be looking to hunt him down and unleash terror! Other popular stag games include; ‘Jungle’, which is capture the flag and ‘Trench’, which is essentially Search and Destroy.

Only an approximate 30 minutes from the rowdy and booming nightlife of the city centre, your stag do is perfectly situated for the stag to enjoy his last night of freedom after you’ve taken part in the adrenaline-thrilled action of paintballing in Cambridge.